Wltoys 104016 104018 1/10 2.4G 4WD Brushless High Speed RC Car Vehicle Models 55KM/H – 104016


Wltoys 104016 and 104018 are 1/10 scale 4WD RC cars designed for high-speed racing. They are equipped with a powerful brushless motor that can reach speeds of up to 55km/h. The cars also feature a 2.4GHz remote control system that provides precise control over the car’s movements, making it easier to navigate and maneuver around obstacles. The cars have a durable, metal frame and a full suspension system with oil-filled shock absorbers, allowing them to handle rough terrain with ease. Additionally, they come with high-quality tires that provide excellent traction on different surfaces. The Wltoys 104016 and 104018 are great choices for anyone who wants a fast and responsive RC car for high-speed racing.

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